Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom

Buck Rogers Arcade Game

Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom was an arcade game released by Sega in 1982. The game came on the heels of the 1979 motion picture and the 1979 – 1981 Buck Rogers TV series starring Gil Gerard as Captain William “Buck” Rogers. The game was a forward scrolling rail- shooter game, which essentially means the player moved along a fixed route as the game scrolled. The ship was controlled in a third person “behind the ship” perspective. As the ship moved along, the object was to destroy enemy ships and avoid obstacles.

Buck Rogers Arcade Game Cabinet

Buck Rogers:  Planet of Zoom was known for being graphically advanced for its time. As far as the Buck Rogers character went, in reality, the only true connection to the Buck Rogers TV and Comic book character in this game was the fact that Buck Rogers was on the game cabinet. The player never sees Buck in the game.