Cobra Command

Cobra Command Arcade Game

There were ultimately two different versions of Cobra Command released in the 1980’s, and we will cover them both here. The first version, also known as Thunder Storm (Japan), was a Data East laser disc based game released in 1984. Like other similar games, such as Firefox, this game was an interactive movie where the cross hairs of the gun, and the enemies, were digitized elements transposed over live action scenery.  In the 1984 version, only the pilot of the infamous Cobra Command can eliminate the amassing evil terrorist group threatening to take over the world. Flying through various terrains, from the perspective of the cockpit, the player avoids the terrain while battling baddies.

Cobra Command Arcade Game Cabinet

The 1988 version, also produced by Data East, was a side-scroller whereby the pilot flies a heavily armored helicopter through six stages, blowing up enemy tanks, gunboats, and submarines. There was a NES 8 bit version of this game that many of you may be more familiar with, the biggest difference being the game did not automatically scroll, and the player was required to rescue hostages, much like Choplifter.