Enduro Racer

Enduro Racer Arcade Game

Enduro Racer was released by Sega in 1986, and it included a standup and sit down version.  In this game the player rode a dirt bike through five stages, avoiding rocks, trees, logs, water hazards, and other motorcycles.  The controls were Paper Boy style handle bars, and the sit down version allowed the user to turn the bike using the motorcycle shaped seat.  One feature allowed the player to pop a wheelie while riding.  If the player managed to reach the finish line before time expired, they would progress to the next stage.

Enduro Racer Arcade Game Cabinet

Sega released a home version of this game for the Sega Master System, and later for the Wii’s virtual console.  Fans of the Sega Master System version will remember that in this version, the player raced against both cars and cycles, and that points could be used to upgrade the player’s bike between stages.