Krull Arcade Game

Krull, based on the 1983 fantasy-science fiction film of the same name, was released by a company called Gottlieb. In this game, the player took on the role of Colwyn, who must rescue his fiancé.  There were four stages in the game:  In the first stage, the player assembled his main weapon, the Glaive, by collecting pieces while avoiding boulders.  In the second stage, Colwyn must shoot the enemy Slayers in order to rescue his army.  After rescuing his army (third stage), Colwyn leads them to the Hexagon, where in the fourth stage, he must knock down the wall.  In the final stage, Colwyn must avoid a fireball shooting beast to rescue his love interest, Princess Lyssa.

Krull Arcade Game Cabinet

Many of you out there may have owned the Atari 2600 version, which mostly followed the plot of the movie.