Road Blasters Arcade Game

RoadBlasters (Road Blasters) was released in 1987 by Atari and was one of our favorite games to play.  You did not have to be very good with arcade games to last a while on this game once you understood the fundamentals.  The object of the game was to reach the finish line of each stage before running out of fuel.  There were a number of bad guys intent on keeping the player from reaching the finish line, such as Orange Stingers, Green Stingers, Command Cars, Gun Turrets, Mines, Rat Jeeps, and cycles.  Special weapons could be gathered along the road to battle the enemies, such as a machine gun, cruise missile, a shield, and turbo power.  Additional fuel could be earned by running over fuel balls and reaching the checkpoint.  Between levels, additional fuel is added based on how well the player performed in the previous round.

Road Blasters Arcade Game Cabinet

RoadBlasters was released in later years as part of the Arcade Greatest Hits: The Atari Collection and Midway Arcade Treasures compilations for the GameCube, Wii, and PlayStation.