We would never bore you with every 80's product peddled on the TV, after all, there is a reason Summer's Eve is no longer advertised on TV. But we have pointed out some of the more memorable TV commercials of the 1980's, such as "Where's the Beef", Bartles and Jaymes, 

Where's the Beef

The fast food hamburger chain Wendy's found great success with the "Where's the Beef" commercial slogan of the 1980's.  The commercials first began airing in 1984, and featured three old ladies poking at a big hamburger bun and exclaiming how "very big" and "very fluffy" it was.  One of the ladies, actress Clara Peller, would interupt and exclaim "where's the beef?"  This catch phrase became a way to question the substance of any type of idea or product.  Later commericials featured Pellar exclaiming the same catch phrase in similar situations.