Highway to Heaven

Highway to Heaven 80's TV Show

Highway to Heaven, starring Michael Landon as Jonathan Smith and Victor French as Mark Gordon, ran from 1984 to 1989 on NBC.  The two had worked together previously on the Little House on the Prairie show.  The show ran for a total of five seasons and 111 episodes.  By the time the season 5 arrived, the show had sunk low enough in the ratings to cause ABC to save the 1988 fall schedule of the shows as a fill in for the spring of 1989.

In this show, Jonathan Smith (Landon) was an angel, on probation, which was sent to earth to help people.  After finding and reforming Mark Gordon (French), the two teamed up to managed the assignments given by God.  The two had contrasting, yet complimenting personalities, with Mark being more pragmatic and Jonathan being more of a free spirit.  The two would use their skills to sway the hearts and minds of troubled souls, such as channeling selfish businessmen to use their wealth for good, or a pastor losing his zeal for leading his church.  Once Jonathan had done enough “good”, he would once again earn his wings, returning to heaven.