Matt Houston

Matt Houston 80's TV Show

Matt Houston was an Aaron Spelling crime drama that ran from 1982 to 1985 on ABC.  The show starred Lee Horsley as Mattlock “Matt” Houston and Pamela Hensley as C.J. Parsons.  It ran for a total of 3 seasons and 67 episodes and even garnered a few award nominations.

Fans of this show will remember that independently wealthy Matt Houston, along with his trusty partner (and lawyer) C.J., went about the weekly business of busting the bad guys as private investigators.  Matt was a Texas oil guy who moonlighted as a private investigator in his spare time, and evidently he had a lot of spare time.  He also had a lot of cool toys to play with, like fancy cars and a helicopter.  Houston was from Texas, but worked mostly in L.A.  Episodes typically featured some friend of Matt’s getting murdered (he had lots of friends), and solving the case often included C.J.’s help.  C.J. had a database she could access that had more information in it than the current NSA database.