Scarecrow & Mrs. King

Scarecrow and Mrs. King 80's TV Show

Scarecrow and Mrs. King was a spy/crime show that aired from 1983 to 1987 on CBS.  It starred Kate Jackson as Amanda King and Bruce Boxleitner as Lee “Scarecrow” Stetson.  During the fourth season, Jackson had breast cancer, and her role was greatly diminished until eventually the entire show was canceled.  The show was a hit with critics and had decent Nielsen rankings as well.

Fans of this show will remember that while trying to escape enemy agents, agent Lee Stetson (AKA "Scarecrow") hands a package to a suburban housewife named Amanda King, who was divorced and lived with her mother and young sons.  Stetson instructed Mrs. King to give the package to the main in the “red hat”, but she was unable to comply due to the number of men wearing red hats.  Stetson later tracks down Mrs. King to retrieve his package, and before she realizes it, Mrs. King is right in the middle of the espionage, eventually even being hired on by Stetson’s agency after she rescues him.  Mrs. King works here way up to “agent” in the firm, keeping her work life secret from her family, and eventually teams up with Scarecrow to help solve mysteries.  By the end of the show, the two were secretly married.