Tour of Duty

Tour of Duty 80's TV Show

Tour of Duty was a war drama that aired from 1987 to 1990 on CBS for a total of 58 episodes.  This series followed the war trials and tribulations of an American infantry platoon in Vietnam, and followed the success of the Oliver Stone movie Platoon.  Some of the cast members included Terence Knox as Sgt. Zeke Anderson, Stephen Caffrey as Lt. Myron Goldman, Tony Becker as Danny Percell, and Ramon Franco as Alberto Ruiz.

The show focused mainly on Bravo Company’s second platoon under the command of Myron Goldman (Caffrey) and later Zeke Anderson (Knox).  In the first season, the platoon was in the bush, but by season 2, they were closer to Saigon.  Typical missions were “search and destroy” missions, and although this show did feature a lot of war action, it also focused on more dramatic themes, such as the toll that war had on returning soldier.