Price is Right, The

The Price is Right Game Show

The Price is Right is one of the longest running game shows to date, and is considered by many to be the greatest TV show of all time.  It started on NBC/ABC in 1956.  By 1972, it had moved to CBS where it was still in syndication at the time of this writing (in the late 2010's).  Bob Barker hosted the show from 1972 until 2007.

The premise of the show is relatively simple.  Contestants were randomly chosen from the audience to compete against each other by guessing, as close as possible, the price of merchandise.  There were tons of games that aired on a regular basis, such as the Money Game, where the contestant was given the third number in a series of 5 numbers, was given 9 numbers to choose from, and had to correctly guess the first two and last two numbers based on what they thought the sticker price of a car was.  If they got the numbers, they won the car.  At the end of the show, winners were weeded down to two, who competed in the Showcase Showdown.  The premise was the same.  The contestant would got closest to the retail price of all the items, without going over, won.