Win, Lose or Draw

Win, Lose or Draw Game Show

Win, Lose or Draw aired from 1987 to 1990 on NBC and was first hosted by Bert Convy.  It is worth noting that a Teen Win, Lose or Draw ran in the late 80's on the Disney Channel.  The original show featured two teams:  Men versus Women.  Both teams consisted of a single contestant and two celebrities.  Teams would try to guess a phrase or the title of something being drawn by one of their teammates on a large drawing pad.

As the teammate would draw, he/she was not allowed to speak or to use any letters, numbers, or symbols.  If one of the drawer's teammates said one of the words in the phrase/title, the drawer was allowed to write that word down on the pad.  For the first three rounds, teams had 1 minute to solve the puzzle.  If after 30 seconds the drawer felt he/she could not make the guess happen, he/she could hand the marker off to another teammate, but the value of solving the puzzle would drop in half.  The second round was a speed round, where teammates would guess on simpler words in a 90 second period.  The contestant on the winning team at the end of the show would net the pot + $1000 dollars.  If there was time at the end of a show, an audience member would be called up to draw a phrase and potentially win $100.