Gary Moore

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Gary Moore Hair Metal Band

Robert William Gary Moore was an old school blues rock and roller with a career dating back to the 1960's.  Moore changed his style as the times changed, which is why we include him in the heavy metal section of this site.  The reality is he played the blues, jazz, country, and hard rock.  Born in Northern Ireland, he moved to Britain in the early 70's, where he played with a number of different bands, including Thin Lizzy.  As a solo artist, Gary Moore was more popular in the UK than the USA, but he still had many fans stateside.

Gary released his first solo album, in-between stints with other bands, in 1973 (Grinding Stone).  His 1978 release, Back on the Streets, was an eclectic album that featured a couple of hard rock sounds typical of the 1970's.  As the 80's rolled on, most of the songs on his albums were a mix of hard rock and heavy metal.  He was even known to feature guitar solo tracks, such as the solo titled "Dirty Fingers" on the 1983 album release of the same name.  Some of you may remember the song "Shape of Things to Come" on his 1983 release Victims of the Future.  As the 1990's rolled in, however, Gary went back to his blues roots, and he continued releasing under the genre until his death in 2011.

The Gary Moore Discography is as follows:

Listen for free or download any Gary Moore track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1973: Grinding Stone
  • 1978: Back on the Streets
  • 1980: G-Force
  • 1982: Corridors of Power
  • 1983: Dirty Fingers
  • 1983: Victims of the Future
  • 1983: Rockin' Every Night – Live in Japan
  • 1983: Live at the Marquee
  • 1984: We Want Moore!
  • 1985: Run for Cover
  • 1987: Wild Frontier
  • 1988: And then the man said to his guitar
  • 1989: After the War
  • 1990: Still Got the Blues
  • 1992: After Hours
  • 1993: Blues Alive
  • 1994: Ballads & Blues 1982–1994
  • 1995: Blues for Greeny
  • 1996: Streets & Walkways: The Best of Gary Moore & Colosseum II
  • 1997: Dark Days in Paradise
  • 1998: Out in the Fields – The Very Best of Gary Moore
  • 1999: Blood of Emeralds – The Very Best of Gary Moore Part 2
  • 1999: A Different Beat
  • 2001: Back to the Blues
  • 2002: Scars
  • 2002: The Best of the Blues Also known as Walking By Myself – The Best of the Blues
  • 2002: Have Some Moore: The Best Of Gary Moore
  • 2003: The Essential Gary Moore Re-packaging of Ballads & Blues 1982–1994
  • 2003: Parisienne Walkways: The Blues Collection
  • 2003: Back on the Streets: The Rock Collection
  • 2003: Live at Monsters of Rock
  • 2004: Power of the Blues
  • 2006: Old New Ballads Blues
  • 2006: The Platinum Collection
  • 2007: Close as You Get
  • 2008: Bad for You Baby
  • 2008: Have Some Moore 2: The Best Of Gary Moore
  • 2009: Essential Montreux Special Edition
  • 2011: Live at Montreux
  • 2012: Legacy
  • 2012: Blues for Jimi
  • 2014: Live at Bush Hall 2007