Killer Dwarfs

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Killer Dwarfs Hair Metal Band

Yeah, we know what you are thinking, how in the world could a person every take this band seriously with a name like Killer Dwarfs.  The Killer Dwarfs band members would tell you that they never intended to be taken too seriously, especially considering the all adopted the surname "Dwarf".  Original band members included vocalist Russ Graham (Russ Dwarf), guitarist Bryce Trewin (Bryce Dwarf), bassist Ange Fodero (Ange Dwarf), and drummer Darrell Millar (Darrell Dwarf).  See, we weren't kidding.

The Killer Dwarfs were an Ontario, Canada band that formed in 1981.  In 1986 the band released Stand Tall on a small label, an album that met with some success.  Some of you may remember the song "Keep the Spirit Alive", which received a good deal of rotation on MTV in 1987.  By 1988, Killer Dwarfs had landed a major record deal with Epic Records, and Big Deal was released.  This album charted, and you may remember the song "We Stand Alone" from this album (the band toured with Iron Maiden in support it).

The last album to chart for the Killer Dwarfs was 1990's Dirty Weapons.  There was also a 1992 released called Method to the Madness. but it was shortly after this release that Epic dropped the band.  By 1995, Killer Dwarfs had broken up, not to be heard of again until the original line up returned in for a 2001 tour and live album.  In 2012, Russ Dwarf continued to keep the dream alive with a version of the band called "Russ Dwarf of Killer Dwarfs".

At the time of this writing, the Killer Dwarf Discography was as follows:

Listen for free or download any Killer Dwarfs track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1983: Killer Dwarfs
  • 1986: Stand Tall
  • 1988: Big Deal
  • 1990: Dirty Weapons
  • 1992: Method to the Madness
  • 2002: Reunion of Scribes: Live 2001