Kings X

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Kings X Hair Metal Band

Every time we hear the band name "Kings X," we feel like going out for pancakes at 2:00 am (for those who don't know, Kings X is the name of a Midwest all night diner like Denny's).  Kings X is a three piece band:  Doug Pinnick (Bass), Jerry Gaskill (drums), and Ty Tabor (guitar, vocals).  The band has roots in Brad Pitt's stomping ground, Springfield, Missouri (and about the same time Brad would have been riding his bike around town - circa 1979). 

Back in 1979, Doug and Jerry were tapped to take part in a project by Petra's Greg Volz.  When this project folded, they ended up playing with Phil Keaggy, where they met Ty.  After some time, the three current Kings X members began to collaborate and the formed a band called "Sneak Preview".  Their self-titled debut was released in 1983.  After a record deal broke down with the Christian label Star Song, it wasn't long before they signed a deal with Megaforce Records, changed their name to Kings X, and began experimenting with their sound.

The groups first release Out of the Silent Planet, charted at 144 on the Billboard Top 200.  You may remember the songs "King" and "Shot of Love" from this album.  The album name itself is a reference to the C.S. Lewis novel of the same name (the band had several references over the years to Lewis). Gretchen Goes to Nebraska was released in 1989 and was considered the band's magnum opus by some.  You may remember the song "Over My Head" from this album, which received decent MTV air time.  The album Faith, Hope, Love, released in 1990, was the band's greatest commercial success.  Many will remember the song "It's Love" from this album.

Was Kings X a Christian band?  The answer appears to be a qualified no.  It appears that in their early career, Kings X had too many Christian over tones to not be considered religious.  However, as the years have gone on, so it appears has their commitment to Christianity in their music.  So, if you are looking for Christian material, stick with their early stuff. 

Over the years, Kings X has continued to release new material.  At the time of this writing, the Kings X Discography was as follows:

Listen for free or download any Kings X track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1983: Sneak Preview
  • 1988: Out of the Silent Planet
  • 1989: Gretchen Goes to Nebraska
  • 1990: Faith Hope Love
  • 1992: King's X
  • 1994: Dogman
  • 1996: Ear Candy
  • 1997: Best of Kings X
  • 1998: Tape Head
  • 2000: Please Come Home...Mr Bulbous
  • 2001: Magic Moonlight
  • 2003: Black Like Sunday
  • 2005: Rehearsal CD Vol 1
  • 2005: Ogre Tones
  • 2007: Live & Live Some More
  • 2008: XV