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Motorhead Hair Metal Band

Motorhead was formed way back in 1976 by Englishman Ian Fraser Kilmister (aka Lemmy), who has remained the only original member of the band.  Motorhead was a precursor band to the New Wave British Metal movement of the late 1970's and early 1980's.  The way we understand it, the band's name is an allusion to amphetamine addicts.  The classic band line up is a threesome:  Lemmy (vocals/bass), Fast Eddie Clark (guitarist), and Phil Taylor (drums).

It was Lemmy's idea to create and perform music that was so loud and raucous, that it would kill the neighbor's lawn.  Motorhead started releasing material in the 70's, and their self-titled debut hit shelves in 1977.  Motorhead is probably most remembered, at least in the USA, for their 1980 release, Ace of Spades, and the single of the same name.  By 1981, Motorhead had made the transition from a big hit in the United Kingdom to touring the USA with Ozzy Osbourne.  The band had several hits on the UK charts throughout the 1980's.  Those UK fans know many, many more Motorhead songs than just "Ace of Spades" 

In 1982, Motorhead decided to do a cover of the Tammy Wynette song, "Stand by Your Man", and Eddie Clark decided he couldn't take it any more.  He went on to create the band Fastway.  With new members, Motorhead went on, continuing to produce, tour, and drink.  At the time of this writing, the Motorhead Discography was as follows:

Listen for free or download any Motorhead track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1977: Motorhead
  • 1979: Overkill
  • 1979: Bomber
  • 1979: On Parole
  • 1980: Ace of Spades
  • 1982: Iron Fist
  • 1986: Orgasmatron
  • 1987: Rock 'n' Roll
  • 1991: 1916
  • 1992: March or Die
  • 1993: Bastards
  • 1995: Sacrifice
  • 1996: Overnight Sensation
  • 1998: Snake Bite Love
  • 2000: We are Motorhead
  • 2002: Hammered
  • 2004: Inferno
  • 2006: Kiss of Death
  • 2008: Motorizer
  • 2010: The World is Yours