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B-52's Band

The B-52's can trace their roots to 1976 Athens, Georgia.  The band is named after a beehive type hairstyle that resembles the nose cone of a B-52 bomber.  The band's first official concert was in 1977 for a party.  The B-52's have been described as a rock band, a post-punk band, and a pop rock band.  They often switched up the vocal duties, even on the same song, between Fred Schneider and Kate Pierson.

The B-52's debuted in 1979 with their self-titled album, which featured the previously released underground hit single "Rock Lobster".  It has been said that this song was an inspiration for John Lennon's comeback.  The album was a success, and other international hit songs from the album included "Planet Claire" and "Dance This Mess Around".  Wild Planet (1980), the band's follow release, was also successful.  You may remember the song "Private Idaho" from this album.  Other B-52's songs you may remember from the 80's?  How about "Whammy Kiss" and "Song for a Future Generation" from Whammy! (1983), and "Channel Z", "Deadbeat Club" and "Love Shack" from Cosmic Thing (1989).

The B-52's continued into the 1990's, and found some level of success.  The title track for the album Good Stuff (1992) made it into the Top 40, and their contribution to the live action The Flintstones movie (1994).  The B-52's would not produce new material again until Funplex (2008) was released, an album which charted at number 11.  At the time of this writing in 2013, The B-52's were still on tour.  The B-52's current Discography is as follows:

Listen for free or download any B-52's track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1979: The B-52's
  • 1980: Wild Planet
  • 1981: Party Mix!
  • 1982: Mesopotamia
  • 1983: Whammy!
  • 1986: Bouncing Off the Satellites
  • 1989: Cosmic Thing
  • 1990: The Best of the B-52's
  • 1992: Good Stuff
  • 1995: Planet Claire
  • 1998: Time Capsule: Songs for a Future Generation
  • 2002: Nude on the Moon: The B-52's Anthology
  • 2008: Funplex
  • 2011: With the Wild Crowd! Live in Athens, GA