Bonnie Tyler

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Bonnie Tyler Singer

Gaynor Hopkins (aka Bonnie Tyler), born in Wales, grew up in the 1960's having an interest in music.  Influenced by Motown, Tina Turner, Janis Joplin and others, Hopkins entered a talent contest where she won second place.  Initially, she accepted a gig singing with a band called Bobby Wayne & The Dixies, and later formed the a band called Imagination that performed in South Wales.  It was during this stint that she decided to give herself the stage name Sherene Davis.  She later changed this to Bonnie Tyler at the insistence of RCA Records.

Bonnie Tyler released a single in 1976 called "Lost in France" that became a top 10 success.  Her first studio album, The World Starts Tonight, debuted in 1977.  Some of you may also remember the song "Heaven" and "More than a Love" from this release.  It was shortly after this release that Tyler was diagnosed with nodules on her vocal cords.  After having the nodules removed, she found her voice to have more of a raspy quality, which actually worked in her favor professionally.  Natural Force, released in 1978, featured the hit song "It's a Heartache", which made Tyler an international star.

As the 1980's rolled in, Tyler became disgruntled with RCA Records.  She wanted to trend her music in a more of a rock direction than country, so she signed up with Columbia Records in 1982.  Faster than the Speed of Nightwas released in 1983.  It was this album that brought us the hit songs "Total Eclipse of the Heart", "Holding Out for a Hero", "A Rockin' Good Way", and "Here She Comes".  During her heyday, Tyler was also asked to contribute to may 80's movie soundtracks, including Footloose and The Wraith.

As the 80's and 90's rolled on, Tyler continued to produce.  Although she found success overseas (France, Switzerland, Australia, UK, etc.), her popularity in the USA had waned.  Bonnie Tyler has continued her stage and studio activity.  At the time of this writing, she was still very active.  The current Bonnie Tyler Discography is as follows:

Listen for free or download any Bonny Tyler track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1977: The World Starts Tonight
  • 1978: Natural Force
  • 1979: Diamond Cut
  • 1981: Goodbye to the Island
  • 1981: The Very Best of Bonnie Tyler
  • 1983: Faster Than the Speed of Night
  • 1986: Secret Dreams and Forbidden Fire
  • 1986: Greatest Hits
  • 1988: Hide Your Heart
  • 1989: Heaven & Hell (with Meat Loaf)
  • 1991: Bitterblue
  • 1992: Angel Heart
  • 1992: Here I Am
  • 1993: Silhouette in Red
  • 1993: The Very Best of Bonnie Tyler Volume 1
  • 1993: The Best
  • 1994: The Very Best of Bonnie Tyler Volume 2
  • 1994: Comeback: Single Collection '90-'94
  • 1995: Free Spirit
  • 1995: The Definitive Collection
  • 1995: Straight from the Heart - The Very Best of Bonnie Tyler
  • 1999: All in One Voice
  • 2001: Greatest Hits
  • 2002: Total Eclipse Anthology
  • 2003: Heart Strings
  • 2004: Simply Believe
  • 2005: Wings
  • 2007: From the Heart: Greatest Hits
  • 2011: Best of 3 CD
  • 2013: Rocks and Honey