Harold Faltermeyer

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Harold Faltermeyer Musician

Munich's Harold Faltermeyer started his music career at a very young age.  Although a classically trained musician, Faltermeyer's real passion was rock and roll.  By the late 1970's, Giorgio Moroder enlisted Faltermeyer to help him with the soundtrack for the movie Midnight Express.  After working with Moroder on other soundtracks, Faltermeyer was eventually hired as a solo composer.

In the early 1980's, Faltermeyer composed a number of noteworthy songs for other artist.  Faltermeyer's met with huge success with the song "Axel F", from Beverly Hills Cop.  This song was also released on Harold F. in 1987, an album by Faltermeyer that included guest vocalists.  Some of you will also remember the fact that this song became a huge hit again in the mid 2000's after being re-mixed on a Crazy Frog ringtone.  Other 80's movie soundtracks that Faltermeyer performed on included Top Gun, The Running Man, Fletch and Tango & Cash.

After the 1980's, Faltermeyer decided to return to Germany to raise his family.  During those years, he mainly did work for the German market.  He returned to the U.S. soundtrack market in 2010 with the Bruce Willis film, Cop Out.  More to come?  Harold Faltermeyer's hits have mostly been from movie soundtracks, all of which we will not be listing here.  However, the following Harold Faltermeyer Discography includes greatest hits releases that cover all his famous songs:

Listen for free or download thousands of 80's Top 40 tracks for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1986: Movie Greats
  • 1987: Harold F.
  • 1988: Worldhits
  • 1992: Harold Faltermeyer featuring Joe Pizzulo: Olympic Dreams
  • 2003: Portrait of Harold Faltermeyer: His Greatest Hits