Howard Jones

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Howard Jones Singer

"John" Howard Jones grew up in South Wales and was the eldest of four boys.  Interestingly enough, his younger brothers had their own band in the late 70's and early 80's called Red Beat, of which Howard was not a member.  As a teenager, Howard Jones joined his own rock band, and eventually sold himself as a solo artist.

In 1983, Jones invited several record labels to watch him perform at the Marquee Club in London, and the result was a record deal with WEA an Elektra.  His first single, "New Song", made the UK top 5 and the USA top 30.   Howard Jones' first studio album,  Human's Lib (1984), featured a number of hit songs.  In addition to "New Song", there was "What Is Love", "Hide and Seek", and "Pearl in the Shell". Other hits songs from Howard Jones you may remember include "Like to Get to Know You Well", "Things Can Only Get Better", "Look Mama", and "Life in One Day" from Dream into Action, which was called The 12" Album in the UK.  In 1986, Jones released an EP called Action Replay that featured the hit re-mixed hit "No One is to Blame", which ultimately became his biggest hit in the USA.  As his fame peaked in the USA, it began to wane in the UK.

Jones' last hit album in the 80's was One to One (1986), which featured the top 40 UK hit "All I Want"  Cross that Line, released in 1989, featured no top 40 hits.  As the years rolled on, Howard Jones continued to produce and tour.  He even worked as a songwriter for many other bands and branched out into our businesses, such as a restaurant in NYC.  At the time of this writing, his last studio album was in 2009 and his last tour in 2011.  The current Howard Jones Discography is as follows:

Listen for free or download any Howard Jones track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1984: Human's Lib
  • 1984: The 12" Album
  • 1985: 12"ers Vol 2
  • 1985: Dream into Action
  • 1986: One to One
  • 1986: Action Replay
  • 1989: Cross That Line
  • 1992: In the Running
  • 1993: The Best of Howard Jones
  • 1994: Working in the Backroom
  • 1996: Live Acoustic America
  • 1997: Angels & Lovers
  • 1998: People
  • 2000: Perform.00
  • 2000: Perform.01
  • 2000: Pefawm
  • 2000: Metamorphosis
  • 2002: The Peaceful Tour Live
  • 2003: The Very Best of Howard Jones
  • 2005: Revolution of the Heart
  • 2007: Revolution Remixed & Surrounded
  • 2007: Live In Birkenhead with Robin Boult
  • 2009: Ordinary Heroes
  • 2010: Remastered Edition box set