Joan Armatrading

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Joan Armatrading Singer

Joan Armatrading started her career in music in the late 1980’s as a singer, songwriter, and guitar player.  She released her first album in the 1972, and by 1980, she began working with a different producer, and her music through the rest of the decade was pop-oriented rock.  Her 1980 release, Me Myself I, featured the hit title track.  Some of you may remember her song “Drop the Pilot” from her 1983 album The Key, which broke the top 10 in the UK and the top 40 in the USA.  The only other song of hers that broke the top 40 in the USA was “Kind Words (And a Real Good Heart)” from the 1986 album Sleight of Hand.

Armatrading continued producing well into the 2010’s, although her activity had slowed considerably.  Fans of Armatrading recognize and respect her deep lyrics and eclectic music.  Although her music is mostly pop, there is still a sprinkling of rock, blues, jazz, and even reggae.  The Joan Armatrading Discography is as follows:

Listen for free or download any Joan Armatrading track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1972: Whatever's for Us
  • 1975: Back to the Night
  • 1976: Joan Armatrading
  • 1977: Show Some Emotion
  • 1978: To the Limit
  • 1979: How Cruel (EP)
  • 1979: Steppin' Out
  • 1980: Me Myself I
  • 1981: Walk Under Ladders
  • 1983: Track Record
  • 1983: The Key
  • 1985: Secret Secrets
  • 1986: Sleight of Hand
  • 1987: Classics Volume 21
  • 1988: The Shouting Stage
  • 1990: Hearts and Flowers
  • 1991: The Very Best Of Joan Armatrading
  • 1992: Square the Circle
  • 1995: What's Inside
  • 1996: Love & Affection
  • 2003: Lovers Speak
  • 2003: Love And Affection: Classics (1975–1983)
  • 2004: Live: All the Way from America
  • 2007: Into the Blues
  • 2010: This Charming Life
  • 2011: Live at Royal Albert Hall
  • 2012: Starlight