Natalie Cole

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Natalie Cole Singer

Natalie Cole, daughter of the late singer Nat King Cole, began performing with her father at a young age.  She was raised in an affluent part of Los Angeles, and graduated from college in Massachusetts.  Post college, Natalie performed with a band she called Black Magic, that covered rock songs as well as R&B hits.

Natalie Cole landed a record deal in the 1970's, in large part due to her roots.  Her first release, Inseparable (1975), featured two hit songs:  "This Will Be" and "Inseparable".  Cole released several more albums in the mid to late 1970's, with a number of hit songs.  You may also remember "Sophisticated Lady (She's a Different Lady)", "Mr. Melody", "I've Got Love on My Mind", "Our Love", "Annie Mae", "Stand By", and "Gimme Some Time".  

Natalie Cole released a number of albums in the 1980's, although she was never able to re-create her 70's success. A few of her top 40 80's hits you may remember include "Someone That I Used to Love", "Jump Start", "I Love for You Love", "Pink Cadillac", and of course the song "Miss You Like Crazy" from the 1989 release Good to be Back.

Cole continued producing well into the 1990's and 2000's, but was never able to meet the same level of success.  Cole has been the recipient of a number of Grammy's and other musical awards, and she has also been known to take up acting.  The Natalie Cole Discography is as follows:

Listen for free or download any Natalie Cole track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1975: Inseparable
  • 1976: Natalie
  • 1977: Unpredictable
  • 1977: Thankful
  • 1978: Natalie Live!
  • 1979: I Love You So
  • 1979: We're the Best of Friends
  • 1980: Don't Look Back
  • 1981: Happy Love
  • 1982: The Natalie Cole Collection
  • 1983: I'm Ready
  • 1985: Dangerous
  • 1987: Everlasting
  • 1989: Good to Be Back
  • 1991: Unforgettable… with Love
  • 1993: Take a Look
  • 1994: Holly & Ivy
  • 1995: I've Got Love on My Mind
  • 1996: Stardust
  • 1996: A Celebration of Christmas
  • 1997: This Will Be: Natalie Cole's Everlasting Love
  • 1999: Snowfall on the Sahara
  • 1999: The Magic of Christmas
  • 2000: Greatest Hits, Vol. 1
  • 2001: Love Songs
  • 2001: The Best of Natalie Cole
  • 2002: Ask a Woman Who Knows
  • 2003: Anthology
  • 2006: Leavin'
  • 2008: Still Unforgettable
  • 2008: Caroling, Caroling: Christmas with Natalie Cole
  • 2010: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
  • 2010: Original Album Series
  • 2013: Natalie Cole en Español