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Sade Singer

Sade (pronounced shah - DAY) was a British rhythm and blues band from London in 1982.  They named themselves after the female lead singer, Sade Adu.  After playing various clubs in London and even in the USA, they landed a record deal in 1983 and released their first hit sing, "Your Love Is King".

Sade's first album release, Diamond Life (1984),not only featured the aforementioned hit, but also the hit songs "When Am I Going to Make a Living" and "Smooth Operator".  Sade's follow up release, Promise (1985), was also a huge success, and featured the hit songs "The Sweetest Taboo", "Never as Good as the First Time", and "It's a Crime".  Stronger Than Pride (1988) featured the hit songs "Paradise", "Nothing Can Come Between Us", and "Turn My Back on You".

Sade continued producing and doing well into the early 1990's, with a number of charting hits.  After a hiatus of several years, Sade re-grouped in 2000 to release new material (Lover's Rock).  They continued to tour well into the 2000's, and in 2010, they released a new studio album (Solider of Love), and a tour soon followed.  At the time of this writing, the Sade Discography was as follows:

Listen for free or download any Sade track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1984: Diamond Life
  • 1985: Promise
  • 1988: Stronger Than Pride
  • 1989: Solid Gold Series
  • 1992: Remix Deluxe
  • 1992: Love Deluxe
  • 1994: The Best of Sade
  • 2000: Lovers Rock
  • 2002: Lovers Live
  • 2010: Soldier of Love
  • 2011: The Ultimate Collection
  • 2012: Bring Me Home Live