Cobra Movie Poster

"Crime is a disease.  Meet the cure.  The strong arm of the law..."

Although not one Stallone's best movies from a critic's perspective, Cobra, released in 1986, was a number one box office hit.  Critics did not like the cliché nature of the film, while movie goers were hyped on the action prowess of Rambo in a different role.  After all, the tagline "Crime is a disease, meet the cure" sets the mood of the movie well.

In this movie, Sylvester Stallone plays the role of Marion "Cobra" Cobretti, an L.A. police offer from the hostage situation "Zombie Squad" division.  The movie starts with Cobra handling a hostage situation by killing the perp after negotiations fail.  As the criminal dies, he tells Cobra about a new group of social Darwinist killers intent on making "survival of the fittest" a reality.

As the movie proceeds, it is discovered that the Darwinist psychopaths are committing a number of seemingly unrelated heinous crimes.  At one point, a female witness (Ingrid) to murders perpetrated by the gang's leaders becomes the target, and Cobra and his partner must retreat to the country to protect her.  Low and behold, Cobra becomes romantically involved with Ingrid, and a crooked cop leads the gang to their hideout.  After a daring escape, and the elimination of all the gang members, the movie ends with Cobra and Ingrid riding off together on one of the gang's romantic!