About Last Night

About Last Night Movie Poster 1986

"It's about men, women, choices, sex, ambition, moving in, no sex, risk, underwear, friendship, career moves, strategy, commitment, love, fun, breaking up, making up, bedtime, last night..."

About Last Night was a comedy-drama released in 1986.  The movie was based on a 1974 play called Sexual Perversity in Chicago, which was significant enough to warrant a re-make in 2014.  The movie starred Demi Moore as Debbie, Rob Lowe as Danny, James Belushi as Bernie, and Elizabeth Perkins as Joan.  The movie received positive reviews in 1986, even earning 4 stars from Roger Ebert.

About Last Night finds single men Danny and Bernie, who live their lives like perpetual bachelors, taking different paths.  Danny meets Debbie in a bar, and a relationship is formed.  Bernie, and Debbie's friend Joan, do their best to sabotage the relationship, ultimately to no avail. The couple has their ups and downs, breaking up, getting back together, breaking up, getting back together...the movie ends on a positive note.