Arthur Movie Poster 1981

Arthur was a very successful comedy released in 1981.  It starred Dudley Moore as Arthur Bach, and Liza Minnelli as Linda Marolla.  The movie was a big hit with critics, was popular with audiences, and continues to a highly sought after comedy.  The movie's success warranted a 1988 sequel, and although it too starred Dudley, the sequel did poorly.  In 2011, Warner Brothers remade the movie, this time starring Russell Brand as Arthur, and it too was a failure.

The original movie, Dudley Moore plays the perpetually intoxicated millionaire, Arthur Bach, who falls in love with a lowly waitress, Linda Marolla.  The problem is, in order to inherit his father's millions, the spoiled Bach must marry an upper-class woman, picked by his father, named Susan Johnson.  Although he does not love her, he agrees to marry her.

Arthur struggles with his love for Linda and his pledge to Susan.  He tells his grandmother his dilemma, and she reminds him that he will be disowned if the does not marry Susan.  After sobering up for a time, everything becomes too much, and a drunken Arthur jilts Susan at the alter, denouncing the money in lieu of his love for Linda.  Feeling bad for Arthur, his grandmother agrees to let him have the money after all, and everyone lives happily ever after.