Back to School

Back to School Movie Poster

In this 1986 flick, Rodney Dangerfield stars as Thornton Melon, a successful businessman who dropped out of grade school.  This movie received, for the most part, positive reviews when it was released.  It ended up being the 6th highest grossing film in 1986, and back in the day, Dangerfield could pack the theaters.

In the movie, Thornton Melon is raised in a wealthy family.  Following in his father's footsteps, Thornton becomes a successful businessman, opening a successful clothing store for tall and fat people.  Thornton goes to visit his son, Jason, at college, only to find that his son is not as successful in school as he had led his father to believe.  In an effort to keep his son from dropping out, Thornton offers to go to college with Jason.

At first, the college refuses to admit Thornton considering his lackluster education, but when he donates a wad of cash to the school, he is in like Flint.  After throwing a number of parties and dating the staff, Thornton's popularity begins rubbing off on his son.  Things being to fall apart when the professor's learn that Thornton has been paying others to do his work.  They threaten to kick him out, but give him one last chance to demonstrate his ability by giving him one more chance if he can pass an oral exam.  With help from his friends, Thornton passes the exam and is allowed to stay.