Bull Durham

Bull Durham Movie Poster

"A major league love story in a minor league team".  Starring Kevin Costner as Crash Davis, Susan Sarandon as Annie Savoy, and Tim Robbins as Nuke LaLoosh, Bull Durham was a romantic sports comedy released in 1988.  The film was a huge hit with critics, and a financial smash at the box office.  It is still considered by many to be one of the greatest sports movies ever produced.

This movie is about a minor league baseball team, called the Durham Bulls, and all the eccentric characters associated with it.  Crash Davis (Costner), a veteran minor league baseball pitcher, is asked to transfer to the Durham Bulls in order to help mentor their rookie pitcher, Ebby LaLoosh (Robbins), who is a bit of a loose cannon.  Also hanging around the team is an older lady named Annie (Sarandon), who makes it a point to annually “cougarize” one member of the team and teach them about her philosophy.  This particular year she decides to adopt Ebby.

Between Annie and Crash, Ebby begins to come along as a pitcher.  As time passes, it is obvious that Annie and Crash ultimately should be together, and as Ebby ends up in the big leagues, he leaves Annie.  Although Crash is jealous of Ebby who gives Crash no credit for his new found fame and fortune, Crash matures in the end and decides to settle in with Annie and take a job as a minor league coach.