Caddy Shack

Caddyshack Movie Poster

"Some people just don't belong."  Caddyshack, a golfing sports comedy, was released in 1980, and the sequel, Caddyshack II, was released in 1988.  The original starred a big-name cast:  Chevy Chase as Ty Webb, Bill Murray as Carl Spackler, Rodney Dangerfield as Al Czervik, and Ted Knight as Judge Elihu Smails.  The movie received mixed reviews back in the day, although more positive than negative, and the film was a financial success.  It is an 80's cult classic these days, and considered to be one of the funniest sports movies released.  The sequel, although it has its moments, was not a critical or financial success, even though many of the original cast members starred in it.

In the original movie, Danny Noonan is a caddy at a fancy country club.  Trying to raise money to go to college, Danny caddies for some big name players, including Ty Webb (Chase), and the club's co-founder, Judge Smails (Knight), who happens to be director of the club's college scholarship fund.  The golf course is overrun with gophers, and the club enlists Spackler (Murray) to handle the situation.

Danny ends up landing the scholarship after winning the Judge's trust by taking the fall for ramifications from a confrontation between the Judge and Czervik (Dangerfield), but the feud between the Judge and Czervik rages on, culminating in a golf tournament between the two with high stakes.  When  Czervik tries to feign injury and cause a draw, the officials refuse, and tell Czervik he must find a replacement.  Czervik asks Danny to step in, and even though the Judge tells Danny he will revoke the scholarship, Danny decides dealing the Judge a blow would be of more value.  Danny's last put, the one that would win the game for Czervik, teeters on the edge of the hole until Spackler detonates an explosive in his effort to kill the gophers.  This causes the ball to drop in, and Czervik's team to win the match, and the $80k bet.