Desperately Seeking Susan

Desperately Seeking Susan Movie Poster

"It's a life so outrageous, it takes two women to live it".  Starring Madonna as Susan Thomas and Patricia Arquette as Roberta Glass, Desperately Seeking Susan was a comedy-drama released in 1985.  For the most part, the movie received good reviews, and it was ultimately a financial success.  It is worth noting that initially, the film's creators had intended to cast Diane Keaton and Goldie Hawn, but they opted for Arquettte and Madonna to reach a younger audience.

In this flick, Arquette plays the role of Roberta Glass, a suburban housewife who is essentially bored with her life.  Roberta turns her attention to the back and forth personal ads of a man named Jim and a gal named Susan, who communicate to each other through the personal ads as they travel to and fro.  At one point, Roberta ends up meeting Susan when she learns through a personal ad that Susan will be meeting Jim in NYC, and Roberta ends up with Susan's jacket.  In the pocket of that coat is a locker key, so Roberta posts her own add, "desperately seeking Susan".

Thinking that Susan is up to no good, Jim sends a friend to investigate, and after Roberta knocks herself silly with a bout of amnesia, Jim's friend presumes that Roberta is Susan.  As the movie goes on, everyone is tangled in a mess that involves the mob and the search for some golden earrings (yes, we did write that).