Gotcha Movie Poster

"Jonathan started out trying to score.  And ended up being the target.  He's a young college student on vacation in Europe for the first time.  She's is first real affair.  A beautiful, mysterious woman who thinks danger is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs there is."

Gotcha! was a romantic comedy, spy thriller released in 1985.  The movie starred Anthony Edwards as Jonathan Moore and Linda Fiorentino as Sasha Banicek (aka CIA agent Cheryl Brewster).  The movie was not a big hit, and ultimately was not a financial success.  However, many people still recommend as a good watch.

In this movie, Jonathan Moore plays a UCLA based game called "Gotcha," whereas students play the role of assassin and hunt each other down with darts (much like paint ball).  Moore and his friend decide to take a European vacation, and Moore ends up romantically involved with a girl named Sasha.  The two end up in East Berlin, where Sasha is trying to get a package from back to West Berlin.  Moore does not realize that Sasha, in reality, is an agent trying to use Moore to help get her package to West Berlin, and although he manages to get it there, Sasha is captured by a Soviet agent and the East German police.

Once in West Berlin, Sasha tries to reconnect with Moore, who is being pursued by the Soviets Agents.  He manages to escape to the airport with the help of a German rock band, and Moore flies back to Los Angeles.  Once in L.A., he realizes that the Soviets have followed him there, and he decides to take the package (film canister) that was planted on him to the CIA.  At the CIA headquarters, Moore finally realizes that Sasha is CIA agent Cheryl Brewster.  After Moore and Cheryl are once again chased by the Soviets around the UCLA campus, and Moore literally tranquilizes them and saves the day, everyone lives happily ever after, including Moore and Cheryl, who continue their relationship.