Woman in Red, The

The Woman in Red Movie Poster

"Shy, quiet Teddy Pierce wanted a little adventure.  And one day it walked into his life in a red silk dress.  Now his wife is packing a gan.  His friends are going nuts trying to cover for him and he's about to get caught with his pants down on the six o'clock news.  Be very careful of what you want...because you might just get it".

The Woman in Red, released in 1984, was a romantic comedy that starred Gene Wilder as Theodore Price and Kelly LeBrock as Charlotte (the woman in red).  The film did well at the box office, and received positive reviews.  It was model Kelly LeBrock’s film debut, featuring the iconic scene where she purposely walks over a blowing grate, which causes her dress to fly up (like Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch).

In this movie, it was that dress scene that began ad exec Teddy Pierce’s (Wilder) obsession with Charlotte (LeBrock).  Although Teddy is happily married, he cannot get the image of this beautiful woman out of his mind.  Come hell or high water, Teddy convinces himself that he must get with Charlotte, and with the encouragement of his friends, he sets off on the quest.  After a few miss-starts, Teddy does eventually place himself in situations where he can “run into” Charlotte, which ultimately leads to what he has wanted all along, an intimate encounter.  However, just before the deed comes to fruition, Charlotte’s husband walks in, and Teddy must escape to the ledge of her high rise apartment, where onlookers on the street below think he is suicidal.  Thankfully, in the end, the act was never consummated, and Teddy returned to his old life.