Weird Science

Weird Science Movie Poster

"With a lot of wishful thinking and a little help from the supernatural, Wyatt and Gary accidentally brought Lisa, their ultimate fantasy, to life.  Now she's showing them how to live with fast cars, expensive clothes and a party that's getting wilder and weirder."

Weird Science was a teenage sci-fi comedy, directed by John Hughes and released in 1985.  The movie starred Michael Anthony Hall as Gary Wallace, Bill Paxton as Chet Donnelly, Robert Downey, Jr. as Ian, IIan Mitchell-Smith as Wyatt Donnelly, and Kelly LeBrock as Lisa.  The movie was not favored by critics, but it was a hit at the box office since every red-blooded, adolescent American male just had to see it.  Some of you may remember the mid 1990’s TV series by the same name, which ultimately ran for 88 episodes.

Gary and Wyatt are like other teenage boys trying to meet some girls, except for the fact that they are total dweebs.  One weekend after watching the old movie Frankenstein, they decide to make the perfect girl.  They connect a Barbie doll to their computer and get to work.  After their computer reaches max capacity, after they hack into a government machine for more processing power, and after a lighting strike and puff of smoke, out from Wyatt’s bathroom emerges Lisa (LeBrock).  Not only is Lisa completely devoted to Gary and Wyatt, but she also possess superhuman ability, such as being able to manipulate the thoughts of others and make things materialize.

As the movie goes on, Lisa goes about the business of improving Gary and Wyatt’s high school reputation; attending various parties with them and helping them get even with the school bullies.  In an attempt to create another “Lisa” to demonstrate how they created the first one, they instead create a ballistic missile.  Humiliated, the boys are eventually cornered into standing up for themselves, which results in new girlfriends for the two, and since this is all Lisa wanted for them anyway, she parts ways with a puff of smoke, putting everything to rights in the meantime.  The movie ends with Lisa as the new gym teacher at a nearby school.