All of Me

All of Me Movie Poster

"They say that behind every great man, there's a great woman.  But in this case it's ridiculous."

Starring Steve Martin as Roger Cobb and Lily Tomlin as Edwina Cutwater, All of Me was a fantasy-comedy released in 1984.  The movie was a hit with critics, and a hit with audiences around the world.  The movie was successful enough way back when to warrant a re-make, which was being discussed by DreamWorks in 2012.

In this movie, Edwina Cutwater, a rich old bag, is on her death bed.  Roger Cobb is a lawyer and jazz musician, who is dating his boss' daughter.  Edwina hires Roger to do some legal work for her regarding her estate.  Knowing she is near death, Edwina enlists the help of some Tibetan priest who gives here the option to continue existing by transferring her soul into that of a young girl named Terry, who is willing to make the trade.  Roger must make Terry the soul beneficiary to Edwina's fortune.

Something goes wrong with the soul transfer, and Edwina's soul actually ends up occupying half of Roger's body, a situation neither wants.  Everyone agrees that Edwina's soul should be transferred to Terry, but come to find out, Terry was only in it for the money, not realizing that the soul transfer was actually possible.  Edwina and Roger become close, and in the end, Terry agrees to the soul transfer, which works the second time around.  The movie ends with Roger dancing with Terry, and in the mirror, you see Edwina's reflection.