Black Rain

Black Rain Movie Poster

"An American cop in Japan.  Their Country.  Their Laws.  Their game.  His rules."

Released in 1989, Black Rain (action drama) starred Michael Douglas as Nick Conklin and Andy Garcia as Charlie Vincent.  Although the film met with mixed reviews, it was still a financial success, staying at no. 1 at the box office for over 2 weeks.

In this movie, Douglas plays the role of NYPD detective Nick Conklin, who is under investigation from Internal Affairs for a corruption scandal where money was stolen.  While eating lunch, Nick and his partner Charlie (Garcia) arrest some Japanese Yakuza gangsters.  They agree to escort the Yakuza thugs back to Japan, but they unknowingly hand the Japanese gangsters over to the Japanese mob by accident (they were dressed like police officers).

Determined to get their man back, they team up with a Japanese cop, only to find the seedy underworld of the Japanese mafia is more complicated and dangerous than expected.  After Charlie is killed by the head Yakuza gang member, Nick goes about the business of trying to take the Yakuza down.  With the Japanese police's help, Nick captures the head Yakuza, and all is well.