Pet Sematary

Pet Sematary Movie Poster

Pet Sematary (not cemetery), another Stephen King book adaptation, was released in 1989.  The movie received mixed review from critics, more on the negative side than positive, but still the movie was a big enough financial success to warrant a sequel.  Pet Sematary 2, which did not do nearly as well, was released in 1992.

In this movie, the Creed family moves from the big city to the country.  Behind their home is a pet cemetery, of about which there are some strange tales.  The patriarch of the family, Louis Creed, is visited by a college student who had died, but returned as a zombie to warn Louis about the cemetery.  When the Creed's cat, Church is ran over, they bury him near the cemetery, and before long he returns from the dead as well, but not quit as his original self.

It doesn't take long before little Gage Creed is killed while playing in the street, and Louis buries him near the pet cemetery as well, against the warnings of others in the area who tell tales of other humans had been buried their wreaking havoc.  Well havoc came a knockin', as Gage goes about the business of killing the neighbor, his mother, and almost his father.  Louis eventually was able to kill Gage (again) with morphine, but not learning his lesson, he buries his wife in the cemetery as well...and, you guessed it...