Shocker Movie Poster

Shocker, a 1989 Wes Craven film, was not a hit with critics.  It received mostly negative reviews, and continues to be viewed negatively to this day.  Never the less, the movie still made over an 11 million dollar profit.

In this movie, a serial killer named Horace Pinker is on the loose in Los Angeles, and Lt. Don Parker is the investigator.  After killing the majority of Parker's family, one of Parker's step son's has some type of mental connection with Pinker that leads Parker to his whereabouts.  Pinker is convicted and sentenced to the electric chair.

Come to find out, Parker's step son was actually biologically Pinker's son.  Pinker, making some type of deal with the devil, is able to live on as pure electricity when he is killed in the electric chair, and he then goes about the business of trying to possess others.  In the end, it is Pinker's son that stops him, or does he?