Crystar and the Crystal Warriors

Crystar and the Crystal Warriors Action Figures

The Crystar and the Crystal Warriors line of Remco action figures preceded a 1983 Marvel comic book called The Saga of Cyrstar Crystal Warrior.  The story was actually pretty complicated.  The Demon Lord sent his minions to conquer the world of Crystallium, but he was met with stiff resistance from the King and his army.  Although defeated, the Demon Lord promised to send a new horde to divide the planet.  Years later, the two princes Crystar and Moltar were in a divided house, and began battling each other.  At the end of it al, Crystar was transformed in a a crystalline form, and his brother Moltar into lava.

In the end, Crystars army was called the Order, and consisted of warriors like Stalax, Warbow, Kalibar, and Ogeode.  On the evil side was Moltar, whose army was called Chaos, and consisted of baddies like Zardeth, Lavour, and Magma Men.  There were seven action figures produced by Remco, as well as a couple of mini play sets, two dragons, and a castle.