Silver Hawks

Silver Hawks Action Figures

"Partly metal, partly real, wings of silver, nerves of steel."  Silver Hawks was a cartoon/comic book series made by the creators of Thundercats.  The series ran for a total of 65 episodes, starting in 1986.  The backstory of the series was that a group of human heroes, in the 29th century, were given metal bodies with wings, and then hired as lawmen in the Limbo Galaxy.  The Silverhawks had names like Commander Stargazer, Quicksilver, Lt. Colonel Bluegrass, and the Copper Kidd.  The villains had names like Mon*Star, Yes-Man, Hardware, Melodia, and Mumbo Jumbo.

It wasn’t until 1987 that the action figure toy line was released by Kenner.  Each character came packaged with a bird companion, and each action figure had its own action.  For example, squeezing the legs of the good guys made their wings pop out, and the villains each had their own unique action.  The good guys had very shiny outfits and cloth wings.  There were some vehicles available, like the Silver Hawks ship called the Miraj, which five action figures could ride in at once (it also had a feature where the front pod would shoot off when you pushed a button).