Sky Commanders

Sky Commanders Action Figures

Sky Commanders was another animated series that Kenner produced action figures for.  The cartoon aired in 1987 and did not last very long.  The premise of the series revolved around the battles between the good guys (Sky Commanders), and the bad guys (the Raiders).  On a new, unstable continent in the South Pacific, the two groups fight for control of a powerful element called Phaeta Seven.  The Raiders, led by the evil General Lucas Plague, are dead set on harnessing the element’s power in order to rule the world.  General Mike Summit, and his group of Sky Commanders, must do whatever it takes to prevent that from happening.  Because of the instability of the planet, and the menagerie of evil creatures that were spawned by Phaeta Seven, travel from place to place was done by laser cables (glorified zip lines).

The Sky Commanders action figures came out in 1987.  Each action figure came with laser cable backpacks, a zip line, and hooks to hook the string.  Some characters came in bigger sets that had special features, such as zip line carriers that fired missiles. Sky Commander Characters included Rex Kling, Commander Summit, Kreeg, Books Baxter, Raider Rath, Mordax, Jim Stryker, Spider Reilly, and others.