Star Wars

Star Wars Millennium Falcon 80's Toys

The 1970’s and 1980’s epic space movie series was a major success for George Lucas.  The first three movies, with their classic good versus evil theme, spawned a huge toy blitz.  The movies were Star Wars (1977), Empire Strikes Back (1980), and Return of the Jedi (1983).  Each movie introduced fans to a new creatures and ships that allowed the toy line to proliferate.  As the years have gone by, and the franchise has continued with new movies (post 1980’s), both old school and new school Star Wars toys have graced shelves around the world.

In the late 70’s and throughout the 1980’s, the plethora of available Star Wars toys would grace the ads in the Sunday paper and the Sears catalog, most of which were manufactured by Kenner under license.  You could purchase nearly every character as an action figure, nearly every ship, every ground vehicle, and a number of playsets.  You could buy action figures like R2-D2, C3PO, Darth Vadar, Luke Skywalker, etc.  You could buy ships like the X-Wing, Tie Fighter, Millennium Falcon, A-Wing, and many more.  Ground vehicles like the AT-AT and AT-ST were available, as were playsets like the Cantina.

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