Starcom 80's Toys

Starcom: The U.S. Space Force was an 80’s motorized toy line by Coleco that ultimately culminated in the release of a cartoon in 1987.  The line was more popular in Europe and Asia than the USA, but some of you here in the states might have had them.  The premise of the cartoon was simple. A group of American astronauts, called Starcom, had to protect earth (and the surrounding area) from the invading Shadow Force led by the evil Emperor Dark.

The Starcom toys consisted of action figures, space ships, and playsets.  Each action figure came with a backpack, weapon, and a little card that described their function.  Some of the Starcom characters were Colonel Slim Griffin, Colonel Crowbar Corbin, and Colonel Dash Derringer.  The Dark Forces include Major Romak, General Von Dar, Emperor Dark, and Major Klag.  The action figures featured a technology called “Magna Lock”, which were essentially little magnets on their feet that allowed them to stick to surfaces and activate functionality on the playsets (like elevators or cannons).  The ships were also unique in that they had wind up mechanisms that allowed them to do various, complicated things with a single button touch (for example, the StarWolf would unfold its front and wings).