Stompers / Rough Riders

Rough Riders Knight Rider

Stompers were battery powered 4X4 vehicles, sold by Schaper Toys, starting in 1980.  They were the first electric mini 4WD drive toys released, using a single AA battery to run both axles.  They were both battery operated 4X4 toy cars with big fat tires.  A company called LJN had a similar version of these called Rough Riders.  Some of the early vehicles included the Chevy Blazer, Dodge Warlock, Ford Bronco, Jeep Renegade, Jeep Cherokee, Jeep CJ, AMC SX/4, Subaru BRAT, Toyota SR5, Volkswagen Baja Bug, Jeep Honcho, Petebuilt semi-trailer, and Mack trucks.

Stompers 4X4 80's Toys

A second generation of Stompers was produced in 1983, featuring multiple speeds as well as an entire slew of new vehicles, including dump trucks, campers, drag racers, and even boats.  The vehicles came with foam tires for inside, and rubber tires for outside.  There were sets you could buy, like the Stunt Set, Badlands Set, Wild Country Set, and the Wild Mountain set.  As the 80’s rolled on, the Stomper got bigger and bigger, eventually running on C batteries.  By 1987, Tyco had taken over, changing the series little, but adding a few of their own personal touches.  In 2001, a company called Tinco took over production of the Stompers.