Black Hole, The

The Black Hole Action Figures

The Black Hole was a Disney Sci-Fi movie, released in December of 1979, that was mainly geared towards an older audience, which makes the fact that they created an entire line of toys all the more interesting.  The movie was essentially about how an evil scientist had mentally taken control of his own crew in an effort to satisfy his own curiosity about flying through a black hole, while another ship’s crew tried to stop him.

A company called Mego produced a number of character action figures from the movie, such as the robot V.I.N.Cent, sentry robots, crew members like Dan Holland, Dr. Alex Durant, Kate McCrae, and Dr. Reinhardt, the humanoid drones, Maximillian (another robot), and many more.  The merchandising did not stop there.  They made just about anything you can think of related to the show, like trading cards, stickers, games, puzzles, comics, models of the USS Palomino and USS Cygnus, and books.