Wheeled Warriors

Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors Action Figures

Based on a cartoon called Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors that first aired in 1985, the Wheeled Warriors toy line, created by Mattel, consisted primarily of action figures with a few vehicles and play sets.  The premise of the cartoon was the classic battle between good and evil.  On the good side was the Lighting League, a group of humans led by a teenager named Jayce.  Some of the Lighting League characters were Audric, Gillian, Flora, and Oon.

On the evil side were organic weed creatures called Monster Minds, led by the Saw Boss.   The Monster Minds included characters like Terror Tank, Gun Grinner, K.O. Kruiser, and Beast Walker.  Each group had their own set of vehicles.  The Lighting League had vehicles with names like the Armed Force, Quick Draw, and Spike Trike.  The Monster Minds had vehicles with names like Saw Troopers, Terror Troopers, and Gun Troopers.