Fisher Price Little People

Fisher Price Airport 80's Toys

By the time the 80's rolled around, the Fisher Price metamorphosis from wood to plastic was well under way.  The Fisher Price Little People were a huge hit in the 1970's and  1980's, and Fisher Price continued manufacturing them for years post 80's.  For those who don't remember, the Little People where the little figures with no arms, no legs, and round at the bottom.

The Little People were Many of you played with these as hand me downs from your big brother or sister, and this page is a tribute to those vintage Fisher Price Little People toys that we all loved.  Some of the more popular sets were the airport, school house, and barn.  Others you might have played with include the children's hospital, lift and load depot, Sesame Street clubhouse, fire station, jeep with camper, ferry boat, western town, mini mart, the family castle, the A-frame house, and so many more.