Food Fighters

Food Fighters Action Figures

"Combat at its kookiest".  The Food Fighters were made by Mattel and hit the scene in the 1988.  Essentially these were soft rubber action figures, in the shape of personified food characters, dressed in military clothes that would fight each other with their various weapons.  They were split into two factions:  The good guys (Kitchen Commandos) and the bad guys (Refrigerator Rejects).

In total, there was 10 figures.  The Kitchen Commandos included Burgerdier General, Major Munch (a doughnut), Lieutenant Legg (chicken leg), Sergeant Scoop (ice ream cone), and Private Pizza.  The Refrigerator Rejects included Mean Weener (hot dog), Chip the Ripper (cookie), Short Stack (pancakes), Taco Terror, and Fat Frenchy (fries).