Madballs 80's Toys

What in the world was going on with these things?  Madballs were some of the ugliest balls we've ever seen, unless they are still in their unopened packages, whereas they are very valuable and we would be happy to sell you one.  They were basically foam balls with gross faces on them, some of which were larger than others.

Madballs were created by AmToy in the mid 1980's, and were similar to Wacky Packs and the Garbage Pail Kids in their humor.  Some of you may even remember that a short-lived TV series sprang from the toy line, as well as a video game for the Commodore 64.  They had names like Screamin Meemie, Horn Head, Oculus Orbus, Snake Bait, Wolf Breath, Touchdown Terror, and Goat Eater.