Robotix Building Sets

Like the Capsela line of toys, Robotix were like Legos on steroids.  The toy line was created by Milton Bradley, and based on the 1985 animated series called Robotix.  The show was essentially about the conflict on a planet called Skalorr, where a group of humans found themselves in the middle of a war between the peaceful Protectons and the war-hungry Terrakors.  The Protectons included characters like Argus, Bront, Jerrok and Narra.  The Terrakors included characters like Nemesis, Tyrannix, Steggor, and Goon.  On the human side was Captain Galaxon, Tauron, Kanawk, Gaxon, Lupus, and others.

The toys were essentially erector sets, and included motors, wheels, pincers, and other unique connecting pieces.  Just like many Lego sets, each Robotix set had an end game in mind, like the creation of some huge robot.  Sets included names like Tyrannix Series R-1100, R-1000, R-2000, etc.  And of course they could be mixed and matched into the player’s own creation.