Weebles 80's Toys

Ladies and gentlemen, it is true, Weebles wobble but they don't fall down.  The Weebles were first released by Playskool in 1971 and were manufactured well into the 1980’s and beyond.  Playskool has re-launched the franchise a number of times, the latest being in the 2010’s.

The original Weebles were egg shaped little figures that were weighted and shaped in such a way that they would return to an upright position when knocked around.  The Weebles did not have protruding arms or legs in the early days (these were added later), only a translucent plastic that showed their faces and outfits.  There were tons of play sets you could use with your Weebles, including a haunted house, a camper, a circus, a playground, and even a marina.  Many of the sets came with special Weebles, but of course you could mix and match.